inku-BA-tor. das wirtschaftslabor

inku-BA-tor. das wirtschaftslabor
gemeinnützige Unternehmensgesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)
city with zip-code
02625 Bautzen
Seidauer Str. 4
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Prof. Dr. Albrecht Löhr
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contact telephone
+49 3591 353-131

The impact of the Bautzen University of Cooperative Education (BA Bautzen) as innovator, initiator in the regional economy and transformator into the civil society should be strengthened by the company inku-BA-tor. The company acts as an economic laboratory at the BA Bautzen and in the Upper Lusatia and uses its competencies to act as a provider and an intermediary of qualification and consulting services in the fields of further education and formation of a company, to be available as a qualified contact to the entrepreneurs with business consulting competence, to encourage, accompany and establish new start-ups in the Upper Lusatia, and to strengthen the transfer of knowledge between theory and practice. The inku-BA-tor represents quality, regionality and demand-oriented offers. In the implementation, we work together with selected specialists. As a brand in East Saxony, the inku-BA-tor is the first contact partner for companies, public institutions, students and graduates as well as all those who are interested.