Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Sciences

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CTT INTech - Commercialization support for technologies developed in Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research PAS
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50-422 Wroclaw
Okolna 2
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Tomasz Ferenz
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+48 71 39 54 135

The mission of the INTech Technology Transfer Center is to raise the efficiency and competitiveness of the Institute by initiating cooperation with entities from the industry sector in the field of implementing innovative scientific solutions.

The company's activities also focus on promoting the use of research results in the modern economy, as well as creating and supporting a broadly understood business attitude and entrepreneurial awareness among the Institute's research staff.

CTT INTech services are addressed both to the Institute's researchers and entrepreneurs interested in joint implementation of pro-innovation ventures, based on innovative technologies developed as part of the Institute's research and development activities.