VÚTS, a.s. Liberec

VÚTS, a.s. Liberec
city with zip-code
460 01 Liberec XI
Svárovská 619
contact name
Jaromír Ficek
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contact telephone
+420 485 302 486

VUTS focuses on the research, development and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the processing industry, above all, in the area of machining, textile, printing, food, packing and medical engineering. VUTS also deals with the automation, devel-opment, design and construction of special single-purpose ma-chines, manipulators, conveyors and testing equipment, especial-ly, for the suppliers in the automotive industry.


transfer topics

Machinery, materials, research of new tech-nologies, automation, construction of special single-purpose machinery, manipulators, con-veyors and testing equipment, computation and modelling, special measurements.