Wirtschaftsinitiative Lausitz e. V. (WiL) – economic initiative Lusatian

Wirtschaftsinitiative Lausitz e. V. (WiL) – economic initiative Lusatian
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02943 Weißwasser
Straße des Friedens 13-19
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Michael Schulz
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+49 (0)355 289130 91

To increase the networking of the regional economy and the Lusatian universities is one important task of WiL. The aim of WiL is to increase the networking, which is oriented to the real needs of small and medium sized companies. Only thus, the Lusatia could be sustainably established as innovation location. The Lusatian Science and Transfer Award (LWTP), initiated in 2011 by WiL, honors and promotes such cooperations.
The LWTP should contribute to underline the potentials of existing cooperations and transfer processes between the universities and enterprises of the Lusatia and to make this public. This should make clear what universities could afford to increase the competitiveness of the SMEs in the region. The good practices should be both incentive and motivation for other SMEs and universities.